Vegan Sundays


I have been through two vegan Sundays thus far, and most of the time I have gone through with ease. Each Sunday I did have dinner with others. The first Sunday I went out to dinner, which has been the biggest challenge, to Perkins. The only option I found was a salad with no meat or cheese and a dairy-less dressing. Last night I ate at a family member’s house and, to my luck, they had prepared roasted vegetables and a veggie burger.

I took the time each time a I prepared a vegan meal to think about where my food came from and found to eat vegan AND local would be a great challenge. My breakfasts usually consisted of fruit, which is not grown locally this time of year, and a generic brand of oatmeal which traveled many miles to end up in our kitchen. I also made pasta with avocado sauce, and I did ok on the pasta, which was actually a corn pasta, but the avocado was obviously not grown around Minnesota.

Eating vegan each Sunday has forced me to think more about the environmental impact of eating animals products which comes from the transportation and production of the food. It has also made me think even more about the way humans relate to, and even enslave, other creatures often without doubting our practices for even a moment as we eat. The dilemma will continue to challenge me… is it enough to be aware and personally express my gratefulness for the sacrifices that have been made in order for animal products to arrive on my plate, or is my personal conviction too great for me to continue consuming these products?


About Elizabeth Grace

It's a blooming life... I am a first year PhD student studying Religion, Ethics, and Society with a heavy focus on ethics. I love to cook and my life-loves, which are religion, cooking, ecology, and people, have led me to revere all life and the sacred ground that enables it. Gardening helps me to explore the relationship of my life to the soil and the food that I eat. I'm not really a new vegetarian, but I am beginning to dabble in the vegan life. So, like a said, it's a blooming life...

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