A Vegan Sabbath


For my Education class this semester we are assigned to journal every other week on our experience with the practice of creation care that we have chosen as well as our readings. Since this blog has been left relatively untouched for quite some time I thought it would be a good place to do my journaling.

The creation/earth care practice I have chosen is to eat vegan every Sunday. I have been vegetarian for a couple of years now and I saw this as an opportunity to push myself a little further into thinking about the sacrifices of life I depend on, i.e. the food I eat. I am excited to eat vegan each Sunday, I think it will not only be a sabbath experience for me but a sabbath for the other creatures that produce the food I typically consume throughout the week. While the creatures will not receive an actual sabbath, unfortunately, it is a way for my to offer my thanks and acknowledgment that they have unwillingly made, and reflect on whether or not my consumption of their products is something I can keep doing without experiencing a major ethical dilemma.

My two biggest obstacles will be eggs and cheese. I depend on those two things greatly for protein and flavor. I am hoping to experiment with different options for eggs in baking but cheese substitutes are a little weak, so I will have to learn to go without.

What I am most fearful about is being a bad guest. Often times when we eat with others they prepare a special vegetarian dish for me, I would feel rude not to accept their offer just because it contains dairy or eggs. Perhaps we will just have to avoid being guests on Sundays for a while, or I can offer to bring my own food! My only other fear is breaking the news to my husband who is entirely supportive of my decision to be vegetarian. I fear that he will think eating vegan, even for one day a week, is taking it a little to far even though it is not a lifestyle I will force on him. Who knows…. maybe this will be a good way to ease him into it in case I decide to go entirely vegan by the end of the semester!


About Elizabeth Grace

It's a blooming life... I am a first year PhD student studying Religion, Ethics, and Society with a heavy focus on ethics. I love to cook and my life-loves, which are religion, cooking, ecology, and people, have led me to revere all life and the sacred ground that enables it. Gardening helps me to explore the relationship of my life to the soil and the food that I eat. I'm not really a new vegetarian, but I am beginning to dabble in the vegan life. So, like a said, it's a blooming life...

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